13 june 2019

14 june 2019

15 june 2019

16 june 2019

morning  MEETING Europe Group

MEETING Europe Group

 SYMPOSIUM  VISIT Lisbon or Porto
  Free lunch Free lunch Free lunch Free lunch
afternoon VISIT Mafra SYMPOSIUM


VISIT Lisbon or Porto


Two events will be held during these days:

(1) the Europe Group Member Meeting, exclusive for Presidents of the European Commissions and Scientific Committees of the ICOMOS and
(2) the Symposium on Contemporary Interventions on Cultural Heritage, open to a general public. Download here the draft program of the Symposium.


13 June (thursday)
08.45 - Arrival of the participants for the Europe Group Meeting
9.00 - 12.30 – Europe Group Meeting, session 1

Visit 1 - Mafra, Cabo da Roca, Lisbon
Meeting: ISCTE-IUL, entrance building I
12.45 - Departure by bus from ISCTE-IUL to Mafra
13.15 - (Free lunch in Mafra)
14.30 - Visit to the convent of Mafra (carillons work in progress)
17.30 - Departure by bus from Mafra to Lisbon
18.00 - Stop at Cabo da Roca
18.30 - Departure by bus to Lisbon
20.00 - Arrival to the restaurant
20.00 - Dinner

Visit 2 - Expo'98
18.15 - Meeting at ISCTE-IUL, entrance building II (B) for departure by metro
18.45 - Meeting at Expo'98 Pavilhão de Portugal. Guided walking tour in Expo'98

14 June (friday)
8.45 - Arrival of the participants
9.00 -11.00 – Europe Group Meeting, session 2


14 June (friday)
10.30 - Arrival of the participants

Opening session
11.30 - Welcome and introduction
            Soraya Genin, President ICOMOS Portugal, ISCTE-IUL
            Grellan Rourke, ICOMOS, Vice-President (Europe)
            Marie-Laure Lavenir, Director General ICOMOS
12.00 - Invited speakers
            José Moraes Cabral, Ambassador of National Commission UNESCO
            Erminia Schiacchitano, European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
13.00 - (Free lunch)

Session 1 - The ICOMOS action
14.30 - European quality principles for EU-funded interventions with potential impact upon cultural heritage
            Grellan Rourke, ICOMOS, Vice-President (Europe)
14.50 - Contemporary changes and challenges for ICOMOS
            Marie-Laure Lavenir, Director General ICOMOS
15.10 - Le rôle d'ICOMOS Portugal pour la Liste Indicative du Patrimoine Mondial
            Ana Paula Amendoeira, Vice-President ICOMOS Portugal
15.30 - Debate
15.50 - (Coffee-break)

Session 2 - The World Heritage
16.20 - Challenges in World Heritage
            Mariana Correia, ICOMOS Portugal
16.40 - Contemporary Interventions in the cultural heritage of Tournai: authenticity and integrity at risk?
            Teresa Patrício, ICOMOS, President ICOMOS Wallonie-Bruxelles
17.00 - Évora et Elvas, Management et interventions récentes
            Rafael Alfenim, ICOMOS Portugal
17.40 - Debate
18.00 - Close of session

15 June (saturday)
09.00 - Reception of the participants

Session 3 - Theory and practice
09.30 - La charte de Venise et le patrimoine contemporain
            Benjamin Mouton, ICOMOS France
09.50 - Theory and practice: Conservation versus Rehabilitation
            Soraya Genin, President ICOMOS Portugal
10.10 - Architectural interventions between contrast, context and continuity
            Jörg Haspel, President ICOMOS Germany
10.30 - Debate
10.50 - (Coffee-break)

Session 4 - Policy and society
11.20 - The influence of theory, emerging societal issues and trends on policy and practice
            Gráinne Shaffrey, President ICOMOS Ireland
11.40 - Contemporary Interventions – A current issue in Austrian building reality
            Irmengard Mayer, Secretary General ICOMOS Austria
12.00 - Community Rights and Protection of Cultural Heritage: The Legal Perspective
             Ave Paulus, Aleksei Kelli, ICOMOS Estonia
12.20 - Debate
13.00 - (Free lunch)

Session 5 - Case studies
14.30 - Recent contemporary intervention in Caesarea Maritima: from S to XL, from done to undone
            Eran Mordohovich, President ICOMOS Israel
14.50 - The relation between new interventions and cultural heritage: dialogue or oppression? Recent examples in Belgium
            Bénédicte Selfslagh, President ICOMOS Belgium
15.10 - Historic school buildings adaptation to contemporary education
            Sofia Aleixo, ICOMOS Portugal
15.30 - Skaiteks project: The conversion of a former industrial site to living quarters
            Marija Nemuniene, President ICOMOS Lithuania
15.50 - Debate
15:50 - (Coffee-break)

Closing session
16.20 - Debate and conclusions

16 June (sunday) – one day visit

Visit 3 - Lisbon
09.00 - Meeting at São Jorge Castle entrance
09.15 - Archeological Museum of “Praça Nova do Castelo de São Jorge” (Arch. Carilho da Graça). Museological Nucleus (Arch. Sofia Aleixo and Vítor Mestre - guided by the Arch. Sofia Aleixo)
11.30 - Roman Theatre Museum (guided by Dr. Lídia Fernandes)
13.00 - (Free lunch)
14.30 - Bank of Portugal, Arch. Gonçalo Byrne and Falcão de Campos (guided by Arch. Gonçalo Byrne)
16.00 - Siza's interventions in Baixa-Chiado

Visit 4 – Porto (optional)
10h15 - Meeting at São Bento station main entrance
10h30 - Guided walking tour in Historic Centre
13.00 - (Free lunch)
14.30 - Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (Arch. Álvaro Siza), Villa and Gardens
16.30 - Faculty of Architecture (Arch. Álvaro Siza).

Note: Transport to the places to be visited in Lisbon and Porto is responsibility of the participants

Porto visit: we advice to take the train from Santa Apolónia or Oriente station, in Lisbon, to São Bento station, in Porto (about 3 hours) Llink for tikets:

Lisbon visits: we advice to take the metro in Entrecampos (near ISCTE-IUL) or a taxi.